Hello Folks ! I am very much excited to start a whole new series of Machine Learning. We will be covering some amazing algorithms of Machine Learning and concepts behind it. Also one more thing to mention that the programming part of this complete series will be implemented in Python,so ūüĎćfor Python lovers.

So first thing first we will be starting with what is Machine Learning and what makes it so special and high demanding.

Machine Learning

The name¬†machine learning¬†was coined in 1959 by¬†Arthur Samuel.Tom M. Mitchell¬†provided a widely quoted, more formal definition of the algorithms studied in the machine learning field: “A computer program is said to learn from experience¬†E¬†with respect to some class of tasks¬†T¬†and performance measure¬†P¬†if its performance at tasks in¬†T, as measured by¬†P, improves with experience¬†E.

So basically Machine Learning is subset of Artificial Intelligence which is used for data analysis and finding relationships between the independent and dependent variables based upon the observed patterns within the dataset. Based upon the analysis and data patterns the machine can further predict the dependent variables values.

Machine learning can be categorized into three types,namely :

  1. Supervised Learning
  2. Unsupervised Learning
  3. Reinforcement Learning

Below depiction makes clear categorization of Machine Learning:

Image result for machine learning categories

Why Machine Learning ?

Image result for why

OK well ! We are now quite familiar with what Machine Learning stands for.Now the question arises why do we actually need to care about Machine Learning ? What are the benefits of implementing Machine Learning in our lives ?

In this rapidly growing world where technologies tend to change every moment,machine learning has found great implications in various sectors such as Health Care,Financial services,Resource planning,taking business related decisions etc.

A huge breakthrough in Machine Learning came with the inclusion of Artificial Neural Networks under its belt. The use of Neural networks in the field of Robotics and creation of predictive models is exceptional.

The huge implication of Machine learning in each and every sector now a days has made the demands of Data scientists very high,making it one of the most highly paid jobs these days.

Image result for money rain gif

OK guys ! that’s all for this part.We are now well set to deep dive and learn some cool stuffs in Machine learning. I am very much excited to get started with learning the first algorithm of Machine learning LINEAR REGRESSION.In this part we will be dealing with real world problems and build a robust model.So see you in the next part,till then GOODBYE ūüôā

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